When one thinks of the game of billiards — or “pool” as it’s also known — it’s probable that one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is a late-night memory of playing in a smoky pub or dimly-lit pool hall. But did you know that playing billiards is actually something that can be good for you?

Walking/Burns Calories

Starting from the ground up, one of the most basic actions one makes when playing a game of pool is walking. Walking is beneficial for people of all ages and helps to not only build muscle, but burns calories, as well.  It’s quite possible that the average pool player can log a significant distance and burn some serious calories by simply walking around the table and standing up between shots, as opposed to sitting down.

Improves Motor Skills

In keeping with the physical health benefits of billiards, besides walking, there’s also the use of both gross and fine motor skills. A simple game of billiards requires the use of gross motor skills involving the legs (walking, bending), arms (use of cue stick), and neck and torso (bending over table). In addition, it also involves the implementation of fine motor skills such as hand, finger, and thumb movement that improves manual dexterity and hand/eye coordination, as well.

Improves Mental Dexterity

Not all the health benefits of playing billiards are physical, however. Because it requires complex thought and concentration that involves critical thinking skills, strategy and even geometry, billiards requires an incredible amount of mental dexterity and the ability to process thoughts and ideas in a sequential manner. It also helps to hone your creative problem-solving skills, given the infinite problems, angles, and options possible with each shot.

Quality Time with Family & Friends

And finally, because billiards is a fun game, it helps to relieve stress. Add to the fact that you can play with a group, it’s the perfect game for gathering with friends and family for great quality time and hours of enjoyment. It’s also optimal for nearly any age group that can get around a pool table because it’s such a quick and easy game to learn.

Affordable, Quality Game Tables & More

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