It’s grilling season!

The Big Green Egg has taken outdoor grilling to a whole new level. Professional barbecuers, chefs and home grilling enthusiasts have fallen in love with it’s versatility and ease of use. On its own The Big Green Egg is a grilling machine that is sure to impress, but add an eggcessory or two and you have just opened up a whole new world . BGE offers a huge line of accessories for their Big Green Eggs that Egg lovers have dubbed eggcessories. From grill tables to cooking utensils they have thought of everything you could possibly want to complete your cooking arsenal. We have put together 5 of our favorite Eggcessories to get your collection started.


The ConvEggtor 

It transforms your Egg from direct heat to indirect heat; which basically means that you can use your BGE like an oven, cooking casseroles and pies. The door of options will be blown wide open. With evenly distributed heat and and the precise temperature control that Big Green Eggs are known for, you will love your Egg far more than your oven.

The Pizza Stone and Pizza Peel

A Big Green Egg pizza stone and pizza peel are must haves. Everyone loves a delicious slice of cheesey pizza. The flavors added by cooking it on your BGE give your favorite pizza that rich flavor you would find in a pizza that has been cooked to perfection in a woodfired pizza oven. It is definitely a must have Eggcessory.

The Egg Mitt

It sounds basic, but the Big Green Egg, Egg Mitt is an ideal addition to your grilling repertoire. This glove is designed with durable heat resistant fibers that let you handle extreme temperatures up to 475 degrees. These are a great option for flipping skewers or handling large cuts of meat. You could grill without one, but why would you want to?

The Flexible Stainless Steel Skewers

Next up is a fairly specialized item, but a favorite no less. BGE flexible stainless steel skewers are a win in our book. They allow you to prep your meat and veggies, marinate them in a bag, then transfer to the grill. They cut down on prep time and mess. As an added feature the pointed end of the skewer never gets hot which makes turning the skewers a breeze.  

The Cast Iron Skillet

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a cast iron skillet. It gives you a huge variety of options. You can fix casseroles and pies in your cast iron skillet one week and then sear fish and steaks to perfection the next. It is something you definitely won’t want to do with out.

Adding one, two or even all of these great eggcessories to your Big Green Egg, will help your Egg reach its full potential. Stop by  Atlanta Spa and Leisure and Check out our extensive line of Big Green Egg eggcessories!

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