As the weather warms up here in Greater Metro Atlanta, many Georgia homeowners are beginning to dip their toes into the thought of owning their very own backyard swimming pool. While many may think they don’t have enough money or space to install or maintain their very own pool, it’s safe to say that’s not always the case. While a traditional pool may not be a possibility, it doesn’t mean that you or your family have to miss out on all the fun a pool has to offer, because a professional swim spa/hot tub combo might be the perfect solution for you! Just like the name implies, a swim spa/hot tub combo allows you the ability to swim and exercise as you normally would in a pool, but also allows seating and massage jets for soaking and relaxation, like you’d find in a traditional hot tub. 

Here are just a few of the best reasons to consider a swim spa/hot tub combo this spring:

Takes Up Less Space

Swim spas are much smaller than traditional pools, making them ideal for small yards or yards where you’d still like to preserve some backyard space for pets, children or a garden. A swim spa/hot tub combo is a great way to still be able to enjoy all the benefits of having a pool without sacrificing too much of your yard. In fact, some swim spas can even be installed indoors, such as a garage or some other dedicated enclosure!

Lower Cost to Install and Maintain

Swim spas are less expensive to install than traditional pools and often don’t require special permits or zoning adherence. In addition, they require less chemicals and less water to maintain, and because they’re smaller, they require less energy to regulate the water temperature. Plus, with the use of an available cover when it’s not occupied, you won’t have to worry about leaves and other debris clogging up your pump. 

Year-Round Use and Enjoyment

Your very own swim spa/hot tub combo will allow you the ability to enjoy the benefits of swimming even when it’s cold outside. Because it’s heated, you can enjoy all the benefits of a refreshing swim workout or a late-night soak any time of the year. Just close the cover when not in use, and it’s ready for a swim or soak the next time you are! Since your swim spa is also a hot tub, you can use it for relaxing soaks any time of year, making the most out of your investment.  

Rest and Recreation in Your Own Home

Having your very own swim spa/hot tub combo offers endless possibilities for health, wellness, and entertainment in the privacy and convenience of your own home. Because swimming provides many health benefits, you can save the time and expense of going to the gym. Likewise, because hot tubs provide countless health benefits, you can soak anytime you’d like for maximum rest and relaxation.

Call the Experts at Atlanta Spa & Leisure

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