480 Model Hot Tub

480 Model Hot Tub

The 480 is one of the largest spas in the American Whirlpool® 400 Series. It offers six barrier-free seats, two Comfort Collars®, and a variety of jet patterns. This is the perfect spa for entertaining guests in your backyard retreat.


91.5” x 91.5” / 232 cm x 232 cm


38” / 97 cm





Water Capacity

351 gallons / 1,329 liters


881 lbs / 400 kg | 3,798lbs / 1,723 kg

Zone Therapy™ Seat standard
Comfort Collar™ QTY: 2
Steel Sub-Structure standard
Northern Exposure® Insulation System standard
Pump 1: 56 Frame 2-Speed 3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 240V, 2Sp standard
Pump 2: 56 Frame 2-Speed 3.0Hp/6.0bHp, 240V, 2Sp standard
DuraMAAX™ Cabinetry standard
ABS Sealed Bottom Pan standard
Freeze/Overheat Protection System standard
Programmable Filter Cycles standard
AeroMAAX™ Plus (Blower) option
3.5″ LED Underwater Spa Light standard
Digital Color Optic Lighting standard
ChromaTherapy standard
Illuminated Spa Controls QTY: 1
Illuminated Drink Holders standard
New Gecko Control Pack standard
CleanZone® System option
CleanZone® Ultra Dual Sanitization System option
Bluetooth Music System option
Head Cushions QTY: 2
Foot Dome QTY: 1
X-Series Collar option
Shiatsu Massage Seat standard
Pedestal Lights option
Status Indicator Light standard
240V / 50hz standard
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