Hot tubs are great for gathering with friends and family, romantic time spent with a partner, or for relaxing at the end of a long day. They also offer endless health benefits including physical therapy (after accidents/injuries and as part of a fitness program,) mental wellness, and for better sleep. Soaking in a hot tub (hydrotherapy) has been proven to reduce the pain and tension caused by chronic joint and muscle pain, improving ranges of motion and eliminating stiffness. Hydrotherapy can also provide the perfect outlet for the release of stress and anxiety that can lead to those physical ailments down the road. Finally, soaking in hot water before bed welcomes deeper, more restful sleep, which in turn helps to eliminate the harmful cycle of stress and anxiety that can come the next day after a night of restless sleep.


The Getaway Series

At Atlanta Spa & Leisure, our Getaway Series is the perfect choice for hot tub owners wanting a product that is simple, reliable, affordable, and stress-free—no special electrical, plumbing, or equipment required for installation. In addition to providing relaxation and hydrotherapy, your new San Miguel, Ocho Rios SE, Ocho Rios LE, Bar Harbor SE, or Bar Harbor LE Getaway Series hot tub also boasts these benefits:


Atlanta Spa & Leisure Trade-In Program

At Atlanta Spa & Leisure we offer a huge selection of premium hot tubs. We also make buying and owning a spa just as relaxing as using one. If your needs change over time and you find yourself ready for an upgrade, we will gladly come to your home to evaluate your existing hot tub (brand, age, wear and tear) and offer you a credit to put towards your new hot tub purchase.


Atlanta Spa & Leisure, Your Hot Tub Headquarters

Are If you’re ready to experience the feeling of soaking in a luxurious hot tub? Call 770.288.5108 (Atlanta) or 770.288.5745 (Cumming) or visit one of our showrooms today for a “test dive,” and to discuss how easy it is to own a high quality fitness spa/hot tub of your very own.


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