The MP Momentum swim spa is a full service swim spa with so many standard features, your friends and relatives are sure to be impressed with your new swim spa. Let’s take a look at just a few of its outstanding features.


At just over 19ft the MP Momentum is impressive at first sight. It offers two distinct bodies of water with a lighted acrylic divider that separates the swim spa area from the hydrothermal therapy hot tub.

Dual Temperature

Perhaps the crowning jewel is its dual temperature settings for the swimming and relaxation sides of the spa. Now you can exercise in water that is a cool 80 something. Then, jump over to water that is a soothing 104 degrees to relax your muscles after your workout.


The hydrothermal therapy hot tub offers an impressive 36 jets. It has a unique X jet pattern that provides maximum muscle relaxation. The Master Blaster foot massage jets are a unique feature with great relaxation benefits.


The MP Momentum swim spa offers the smoothest swimming anywhere. With a full power wave propulsion technology system, you will experience virtually no turbulence as you swim. It provides a deeper, wider, smoother, adjustable water current that requires no air to increase in strength.

Energy Efficient

With an EcoPur Charge filtration system, your swim spa is low maintenance and eco friendly. The MP Momentum is actually the most energy efficient swim spa available, requiring only 50 amps of electric service.

As you can see, the MP Momentum is impressive in every aspect from its size to its features. You will not be disappointed with the workout or the relaxation that you will get from it.  Come see us and experience the MP Momentum swim spa in person.

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