When you think about exercise and fitness, what comes to mind?


Is it a vision of a sweaty gym that you need to drive to in order to wait to use equipment that you must share with strangers while wandering bored and aimlessly through a workout routine that just isn’t fun or engaging?


Are you looking for an alternative to the gym and its hot, sweaty confines in order to achieve and maintain total body fitness? Or might you be one of the millions of Americans struggling to stay fit while nursing permanent injuries, chronic pain, and other such ailments that tend to prohibit traditional weight and cardio training?


If you can identify with any of the above statements, then perhaps it’s time for you to look into a high-tech swim/fitness spa and all that it offers… That’s right — a spa.


With a swim/fitness spafrom Atlanta Spa & Leisure, you can enjoy a fun, full-body workout by skipping the typical gym and lessen the risk of pain and injury. One of the safest, most effective forms of exercise for people of any age or body type, fitness experts have long praised the benefits of swimming and aquatic exercise vs. other forms of exercise, especially if you’re hampered with the injuries and chronic pain that comes with certain ailments. The least stressful on bones and joints, aquatic exercise allows greater range of motion and increased resistance (in all directions), in addition to optimal cardio and aerobic exercise that actually gives you a better total-body workout since you’re using practically every muscle in your body.


Built for Fitness

No longer just for soaking or swimming, some of today’s swim/fitness spas are made specifically for aquatic exercise and training, yet can still be used for traditional rest and relaxation, when necessary. Some incorporate unique built-in features such as a large, open floor plan to allow for jogging in place against a gentle current while others feature an underwater treadmill. In addition, some feature kickboards, rowing kits, resistance bands, aquatic exercise dumbbells, resistance fins for the ankles, and specific water exercise programs for those suffering from, or recovering from, certain ailments.


For over a quarter-century, Atlanta Spa & Leisurehas been an Atlanta favorite for homeowners looking for the very best selection, savings, and service when it comes to swim spas, hot tubs, custom saunas, sauna kits, game tables, and Big Green Eggsat some of the lowest prices around. When you add the easy financingoption and their dedication to satisfaction, there’s more than enough reasons to visit your closest Atlanta Spa & Leisurelocationtoday to see their latest line of swim/fitness spas.






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