What do you do if your body hurts? If your muscles are tight and achy? What do you do if you joints are stiff and inflamed? What do you do if aches and pains are the background music of your life?

Well, you could live with pain and accept that life hurts, like your grandpappy did when he lit up that gas-fired head lamp and headed into the coal mine every morning at 4 a.m. You could gobble up Advil and Tylenol the way Cookie Monster eats cookies. You could get a prescription to an opiate that makes your pain go away, but also makes you feel like you’re in a Pink Floyd song.

Or, you could get a spa.

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Aches and pains are part of life — sort of. They’re part of life, but they don’t have to be permanent or constant. Yes, you can drug most pain away — or you can soothe your pain away naturally with hydrotherapy.

Submerging yourself in hot, bubbly water fueled by pulsing, pounding jets feels so good on tender muscles and achy joints that your grandpappy would have probably paid a pence and a half just to experience it once. Then he would have gone to work even though he had cholera.

You, however, are lucky to live in the modern era, where you can invest in a magical box of rejuvenation and healing. Whether it’s a Master Spa or something from the Maax line, you can find the one, single hot tub that you were meant to soak in every day.

Once you find your spa soul mate (we’ll play matchmaker), you can soak before work to mentally prepare for the day ahead. You can soak when you get home to decompress and unwind. You can soak to get lost in 102-degree aqua heaven during a rejuvenating meditative session.

But most of all, you can melt away those aches and pains — for real. Hot tubs are healing machines. Your swollen joints, tight muscles, and strained neck and shoulders might join you in the hot tub, but when you get out, they stay behind.

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