With the recent 90° temps that have been ravaging the Atlanta area recently, it’s only natural that current and potential hot tub owners might question how a hot tub can be of any benefit during such a heat wave. After all, who wants to immerse themselves in a hot tub where the water temperature is hovering right around the actual air temperature? But did you know there are still great ways to cool your tub in order to get some fun summer refreshment? Read on for a few great tips.

Cool Your Hot Tub

If you’ll simply set your hot tub temperature to a temperature below 85°F and leave the cover off, making sure to let the air jets run overnight, that will help to cool the water so that’s it’s as refreshing as you need it to be when the sun beats down. If you’re looking to cool it down much quicker and more effectively in a short time, simply add a few bags of ice to the tub. While the ice melts, it will cool the warm water to a cooler temperature that’s more fitting for a hot summer day. To help keep the tub cool, take advantage of your hot tub cover’s insulating power and keep it on when not in use or on hot days when the sun tends to heat the water.

Summertime Mode

Another effective method to keep your hot tub cool is to utilize the “summertime” mode, if it’s equipped with one. Many of the newer hot tubs and spas today feature a summertime mode that reduces the use of the circulation pump, which tends to increase the water temperature. In addition, some tubs feature a “sleep” mode that will only heat the water up to a certain temperature, which allows you to keep it cooler than normal. Older tubs might allow you to disable the heater during the warmer months while maintaining filter cycles and water flow, both essential to your tub’s care.

For More Information

Whether you have questions regarding your existing hot tub or spa or are looking to purchase one, the professionals at Atlanta Spa & Leisure are there to help you every step of the way. With a full line of luxurious hot tubs, leisure spas, swim spas, accessories, and much, much more, you’ll soon see what has made Atlanta Spa & Leisure an Atlanta favorite for over 25 years.



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