A hot tub cover does a lot of things. It traps heat in. It keeps debris out. It keeps water from evaporating. It keeps curious children and animals from making really bad decisions. One thing a hot tub cover won’t do, however, is last forever. Here are four signs that it’s time to retire your old cover for good.


Your Cover Smells Gross

Want to get rid of that disgusting odor that your cover recently started giving off? Get rid of the cover. Once your cover starts to smell, there’s nothing you can do to make it better, and it will soon start to get worse. The good news is, if your new cover is a Custom Spa Cover from Atlanta Spa & Leisure, you’ll never have that problem again. Waterlogged foam smells terrible, but our 4mm vapor barrier keeps the foam dry forever.

Your Outer Vinyl is Torn or Cracked

Ruptured outer vinyl is difficult to repair and is almost never worth the expense or effort to fix. The key is to get a cover made with high-quality vinyl in the first place. Our covers use 28-oz. marine-grade vinyl bolstered by mildew inhibitors and UV stabilizers that defend against fading.

Your Foam Core is Broken

There is no way to fix a broken foam cover. If your cover is taking on pooling water, the foam core is broken and the cover has to go. Our covers use two-pound density virgin EPS foam core. Our thickest option is not just the highest top strength available, but it provides heat-trapping 21 R-value insulation.

Your Locks and Straps Are Compromised

A spa cover with broken locks or straps equals a spa that is an accident waiting to happen. Our covers solve that problem with reinforced cover handles and double-stitched child locking tie downs. Our double-reinforced hinges are all but unbreakable.

When it’s time for a new cover, let us know. our team is happy to help you find the cover that’s perfect for your spa, or you can take advantage of our custom options. Give us a call or stop by one of our showrooms to learn more.

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