You enjoy swimming and would like to be able to swim in your own backyard, but you keep going back and forth…should you get a swim spa or just get a pool. We think that a swim spa is the best choice, so we put together a list of the top 10 ways that a swim spa is better than a pool. We are confident that after reading our list you will agree that an swim spa is the answer to your question.

  1. Continuous uninterrupted swimming

A swim spa creates a more enjoyable swimming environment than a pool because you can continuously swim without having to worry about turns or running into walls. This continuous swim lets you really get into the zone with your workout. You can concentrate on form and power without distraction. It is also good for you mentally because you can let your mind go while your body swims.

2. Adjustable swim current

A swim spa has adjustable swim currents to accommodate a variety of swim levels. From those just starting out to the Olympic swimmer, a swim spa can provide a great workout for a variety of levels. That also means that as you improve, your swim spa grows with you giving you are targeted workout every time.

3. It’s like a pool and a hot tub

After your workout a swim spa can give you all of the workout recovery benefits of a hot tub.  With jetted seats to massage your muscles, it is truly like getting a pool and a hot tub all in one. Some swim spas even have dual zone heaters so you can work out at a cooler temperature then head over to the relaxing heat of the hot tub side.

4. Accessories

Swim spas have a variety of accessories to help you mix up your workout routine. From rowing equipment to underwater treadmills your swim spa will turn out to be so much more than just a place to swim.

5. They look great

I know we are partial, but swim spas look great. With options for fountains and lighting features it will really be a focal point for your backyard.

6. More cost efficient to own

Because the are smaller, the cost of owning a swim spa versus a pool is significantly less. You will use less water, less chemicals, and less electricity to heat and maintain your swim spa.

7. Indoor installation option

A swim spa can be installed indoors if you choose so you can workout or simply enjoy a nice swim, no matter what the weather is like outside. Swim spas can be installed in basements, sunrooms and even garages.

8.Takes up less space

Swim spas don’t take up nearly as much room as a traditional pool. They leave you plenty of room in your yard to enjoy, gardening, playing with your kids or to simply enjoy some green space.

9. Portable

Okay, they aren’t exactly portable, but if you ever decide to move you can take your swim spa with you. Try doing that with an in ground pool.

10. Easier to Install

Finally, swim spas are easier and cheaper to install than a swimming pool. There is usually very little prep work that goes into creating a space for your swim spa, so you can start enjoying it way sooner than you would with a lengthy pool project.

We knew that our list would convince you to choose a swim spa, so stop by and see our selection of H2X and Michael Phelps swim spas from Master Spas. You won’t regret investing in a swim spa.

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